Tips for Traveling with kids

We made our first family trip last year. Two parents and a two and a half year old and a 5 month old. My husband wanted to visit England, so we decided to go, but this was the first time we made the trip with our kids. Trying to keep the children happy during such a long flight was going to be a real challenge. This is how we prepared for this long flight.


Bring New Toys and Books

Something they have never seen before will hold their attention for longer. We bought a few books and toys of Diego, my sons favorite cartoon character. Once you are on the flight you need to wait for the explosion to begin and then bring out the secret weapon.


Use Technology

Even when you restrict digital games and television at home, these items can be a godsend on a flight. Pictures are a great way of distracting kids. If you have a tablet or phone bring it to keep them busy. Be sure to download a few apps to keep them interested.


Pack Appropriate Diaper Bags

Keep items for children separate and be sure to keep a plastic bag available for messes. Place at least two diapers for the child in the seat pockets in front of you. This way you can get to the bathroom as soon as possible.


Keep Kids Comfy

Let your child travel in pajamas. This will interest them and it will be more convenient for you. Keep an extra set of pajamas handy to deal with emergency situations.


Bring Spare T-shirts

You might need to change yourself, especially if you need to deal with a child throwing up.

Bring Hand Cleanser

Be sure to bring antibacterial hand cleansers to clean little hands of food and drink.

Child and His Carry On

If your child is old enough let him bring his on bag. He can put his own toys in his carry on. This can keep an older child occupied if there are delays.

Bring Snacks

Your child may not like the meals on a flight and they may not time well with your child’s needs. Airport food isn’t something a toddler might like either.

Bottom Line

When making long flights with small children. Be sure to bring stuff that can keep them interested  so they will sit still for this long period of time. Put yourself in their shoes, and think about how sitting still for so long is utter torture for them.