Best Tips for Everyday Parenting

Life doesn’t happen like a 100-meter dash; rather it is like a long distance marathon. Consistency and patience are the key elements of success and contentment. You might have heard of this statement many times before. Yet, you could be in a hurry to push your kid to the peak of performance and excellence. The tendency to see the kids perfect in every parent often causes conflicts and resentments in the family. Sometimes, you feel like losing control over the kids. You may think they are asking far too much without working for it.

Who is Your Kids’ Role Model

Some of the kids may have role models whom they wish to emulate. Or they may have no such concepts. As a parent, I have always wanted to know what is inside my son’s “head”. I engaged him in conversations as he grew up from 4 to 14. But I always scratched only the surface. There was an ocean which remained unexplored. Finally, I managed to find out. He was the Spiderman. Your kids may have anyone, including you as their role model. Why is it so important?


The way of thinking could be different for your kids, compared to your generation. Understanding their thinking needs the insight of a friend and not the parental or teacher model. You may not be able to think like your kid, but you could feel their pulse and vibrations.


It is a good practice to walk in their shoes for some distance before judging them or advising. Then you can visualize the joy, anxiety, love, resentment, liking and disliking of your kids. Trying to compare your kids with anyone else could be a perfect recipe for negative influence. It could lead to loneliness, depression, and anxiety. If you can understand your kids as they are rather than as you want them to be, it is the first step towards successful parenting.


Friendly communication can make them open up their mind and heart to you. You should be ready to listen to them without any personal interpretation. You may have to learn to listen and understand. At the same time, you should be prepared to talk to them and let them know your dreams for them. Furthermore, thru open communication harmonious relationship in the workplace is achieved this is why some service company gained as Best Plumbers in Maroochydore because of this kind of communication in their workplace most especially towards their clients.

Sharing vs Advising

Children listen better when you share your experiences, rather than lecturing and advising. They can relate to you better. Discussing your experience, dreams, strength, and hope can motivate them better. You may also talk openly about your limitations, mistakes, failures, and other negations without any expected reactions from them. You are simply telling them that you too are human like them.

I have experienced the sharing concept to be better since kids have a feeling of freedom while you are with them. Their tendency to improve becomes stronger in life as they grow up. On the other hand, advising may make them skeptical about you and your motives. They may go into a shell of self-defense, adamant nature, and loneliness.