Cardio Exercises for Children

We, as adults, understand the importance of cardiovascular exercise to improve our fitness. But, what about children? Well, most children who are active get enough cardiovascular through daily play, but if your child doesn’t, below are some ways to help them get the cardiovascular exercise they need. And, no, were not going to suggest them going out running sprints. Instead, we have fun ways to help them get the exercise they need without even realizing they are working out.

Get your children out on some wheels. If your child enjoys skating, try some rollerblades. These are great way to get their heart pumping while having fun. You may even be able to find a local park or skating rink for them to skate in. Skateboards are another great option to give your children’s legs a great workout. They can also provide your child with the wonderful mode of transportation. In my area, there are quite a few skate parks that are popular. Scooters are another great option. Of course, you want one that is like powered rather than battery-powered, or you will defeat the entire purpose of it. Pedal cars are another great option for children and adults. They can really get your heart rate up as you pedal around the neighborhood or park. We tried these out at our last family gathering and really enjoyed them.

If your child is in one that enjoys cruising around on wheels, maybe they should try something like jump roping. Jump roping is a wonderful cardio activity. There are other jumping opportunities available as well, such as pogo sticks or trampolines. Climbing is another great option for getting a great workout. You don’t have to climb too high if you’re scared of heights to still get a good workout.

Even if your child is mostly stuck inside, for whatever reason, there are things they can do to get the cardiovascular exercises they need to stay healthy. Though I strongly believe in participating in real sports, there are some good indoor alternatives available, thanks to technology. The main thing is to get off the couch and of on your feet. If your child is inside most of the day, find video games that will promote movement.