Exercise and Your Child’s Health

It is a well-known fact that children these days are obese at record numbers. Not only children, but entire families are declining in their overall health and wellness. Unfortunately, this trend continues to get worse. Today’s children are very sedentary, a problem that can cause health problems for them later in life. Many parents believe it’s up to the schools to provide the physical activity and exercise children need to develop their healthy bodies. It is, rather, your place as their parent to ensure they are getting what they need for their bodies to be healthy.

Unfortunately, inactivity can cause many problems. These include heart disease, obesity, muscle tension and headaches, lower back pain, and poor flexibility. Other problems can include muscular weakness, premature aging, chronic fatigue, and high blood pressure. Though most of these will show up later in life, getting your child started on the right path to fitness and health is imperative.

By simply getting a little exercise each day, the problems of inactivity will slowly disappear. In fact, simply 30 minutes daily of regular moderate exercise can provide wonderful health benefits. Getting your child started today with a routine of physical exercise can set them up for a life of health and fitness.

There are many proven benefits to children exercising regularly. For one, it will better keep their weight under control. Exercising burns calories, and with the obesity epidemic in America, this is important. It also reduces the risk of disease such as cancer, stroke, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. You will find your child’s mood improved as well. When your child exercises, the brain releases endorphins that make them feel better about themselves. Your child will also find they have increased muscular strength and endurance. Regularly working out their muscles will make them stronger and help their lungs and heart to function more efficiently, which is important to keep them from losing their breath quickly.

There are many benefits that go beyond your child’s health when they exercise regularly. Their learning will be improved and their body will develop and grow in a healthy way. Studies have also shown that children who participate in physical activities regularly have a better self-esteem and tend to stay out of trouble. Beyond this, physical activities are just plain fun.

As you can see, keep the children active provides many benefits to their life. There are many ways for children to get the physical exercise they need. Try a bunch of options until you discover what your child enjoys, then encourage them to continue it.